ANBALAYA is the Paid and Short Stay Rest Home for aged people, with view that are growing problems among the urban families in India due to modernization and fast paced livings on present days. Family bonded and love are broken now a days, where the aged parents are left alone by the children and also due to over burden with works of this present day society or due to migration to cities and abroad for works and income generation by this young generation, many of the elder s are left alone with no care for medicine, love and other basic amenities in their rest of life. Hence ANBALAYA is one of the key initiatives of NALANTHA EDUCATIONAL TRUST meant to support the deserving elders in their rest of life, but with a focus on Short Time Stays until their family is counseled and the elders are reinstated back into their regular social life. ANBALAYA campus is situation in an eco-friendly atmosphere, free from pollution. ANBALAYA has very good infrastructure with 50 rooms, well equipped and facilitated with care.

The elders are provided with good psycho social care, medical care, hygienic and nutritious food, recreation and love through ANBALAYA. The charges are much nominal and are utilized towards the care towards the elders, improving the infrastructure facilities and also for other social programs of NALANTHA EDUCATIONAL TRUST.

Our Facilities

  1. 50 Rooms with bath attached for a comfortable living on payment basis.
  2. Cot, Chair and Fan Provided.
  3. Visiting Doctor for Health Care / Medication.
  4. 24 Hours Nurse Available.
  5. 20 beded Dormitory for Ladies and 20 Bedded Dormitory for Gents on no charge basis (Food cost only).
  6. Hygienic Kitchen to provide nutritious food.
  7. Dining Hall with facility for efficient service.
  8. Water Heater in Bath Rooms (Hot Water provided for bathing).
  9. 5 Hours Power Backup Inverters.
  10. Temple and Recreation Room.
  11. Library and Common Room.
  12. Well-laid Garden.


Food Schedule

Morning 6.00 a.m Coffee.
Breakfast 7.30 a.m Two Types of Tiffin.
Refreshment 9.30 a.m Tea and Biscuits.
Lunch 12.00 pm Unlimited Meals (Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Porial/Kootu, Buttermilk).
Evening 4.00 pm Tea and Biscuits.
Night 7.00 p.m Tiffin.

Medical Arrangements

1. Medical Officer will be on visit once in every 7 days only. In case of emergency, assistance will be provided to take the resident to the nearest Medical Center or Call a Doctor to attend.
2. In House medical nurse is available around the clock.
3. TAll Medical expenses are to be borne by the residents.

Death While Staying In The Home

1 Clear details are to be given at the time of admission as to who has to be contacted with phone number if any in case of the death of the resident.
2. We arrange a Doctor Certificate immediately.
3. The Cremation arrangements can be made by us [A sum of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) has to be paid for this arrangement].
4. If the resident desires to be taken to his / her relatives at the time of death, the board will insist the relatives to respond positively to this request.

Bring Things when Joining

  1. Dresses & Medicines
  2. Plate, Tumbler, Spoon, Cup Tiffin Carrier
  3. Emergency Lamp / Torch Light
  4. Pillows, Bed Sheets
  5. Plastic Buckets 2 Nos. & Mug
  6. Water Jug and Flask
  7. Mosquito Coil / Liquid.
  8. Television / Radio (Optional).
  9. Cell Phone / Cloth Bags / Safety Locks (Optional).


Visitors Regulations

1. Visitors are allowed to meet the residents at the time of the following hours on all days. 08.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.
2. It is not possible to provide Tea / Coffee / Tiffin for the Visitors.
3. Relatives are asked not to contact the inmates by phone after 06.00 p.m. and before 08.00 a.m.


1. The residents are permitted to visit their relatives / friends and for shopping duly informing the caretakers as to when they will be back and lunch / dinner is needed.
2. They should ensure to return before 07.00 p.m.

Who are Eligible?

  1. A person or couple. Who is/are above 55 - Senior Adults.
  2. Who is/are in good health.
  3. Who enjoy an independent life style and dislike to change.
  4. Who consider having fun with friends important.
  5. Who want security, hassle -free life and piece of mind.