Mrs.Shanthi and Mr.Rajendran from Dindigul Naturally a kind hearted social workers and born with serving nature to the old aged people and destitute children’s. So he wanted to save these destitute, old aged people from this society and to make them independent. He Formed Two old age homes in dindigul namely Anbalaya & Saranalaya and Nalantha educational trust in Dindigul.

Anbalaya old age homes has taken the initiative to serve bed ridden and mentally upset aged persons suffering from disorders, Saranalaya working as an old aged people shelter and Nalantha Since then it is working for the welfare of helpless Child Education. And School for specially able children is in process for opening.

Count of Abused old age people in India is increasing day by day due to the factors Globalization, decreasing moral values, nuclear families and other socio economic factors.

There are many old age homes functioning in India that are either paid homes or they admit only those old persons who can care him/her selves, and are mentally and physically fit. But the actual problem faced by the elders who are unable to sustain themselves financially. Increasing competition from younger people, individual, family and societal mind sets, chronic malnutrition and slowing physical and mental faculties, limited access to resources and lack of awareness of their rights and entitlements play significant roles in reducing the ability of the elderly to remain productive, and thereby, independent.

For them we want to display love and affection to the point that even a child would give up all that he had to help old aged people. Dedication like that was what we defined as success, and nothing made we feel better. Anbalaya old age home in Dindigul is a heaven for needy elders.

We are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders despite their age all over India by making many Branches of Anbalaya Old age home in India. We conduct psychological programs and workshops for the sick and bedridden to understand their feelings. Motivating and inspiring them to understand the essence of being had further increased their life satisfaction which helps us to serve them better.