Nalantha is the grass root and field extension unit of Nalantha Educational Trust and undertakes all strategic and thematic Interventions aimed at social development. Nalantha has committed experienced and well qualified staffs that based on need as assessed and time to time work with women, children, youths and farming groups. The following are the interventional Areas of Nalantha.

Water and Sanitation:

Nalantha works on grass root initiatives to address on cost effective and affordable solutions with peoples participation for Clean and Safe Water, Conservation of Water Resources and improving ground water table, Enhancing Sanitary conditions in rural and urban dwellings through sanitary toilet and safe disposal of Solid and Liquid Waste. Donate

Health and Hygiene:

Nalantha with universal goal of “Health for All” works on preventive and curative medicines and improving health conditions of downtrodden communities through series of capacity building and awareness initiatives and combating malnutrition to women and children. Other areas of interventions in health sectors include HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Diabetes and Water & Vector borne Communicable Diseases, Palliative Care etc. Donate

Women and Child Development:

Nalantha organizes women of farming and subjugated communities in to Self Help groups (SHGs) and Joint Liability Groups (JLGs), whom then are motivated for group activities through various capacity building interventions allied with necessary forward-backward linkages. Gender, Dowry, Rights, Health, Livelihood promotion and Socio-economic development are the key interventions in Women development. Nalantha mainly focus on children in need of special attention; Child Labor, Orphaned/Semi Orphaned, Physically Challenged, Mentally Retarded, Affected by HIV/AIDS, Victims of Natural Calamities and of much poor backward for Children Sponsorship Program, Health and Nutritional Security and Safe Accommodation followed by career guidance for self sufficiency. Donate

Sustainable Agriculture:

Nalantha works among small and marginal farming communities of dry land areas. As an alternative to conventional agriculture, Nalantha promotes Sustainable Organic Agriculture and this done by organizing farmers in Joint Liability Groups ( JLGs), promotion of FPOs, capacity building and handholding farming communities, running of community nurseries, bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers units, formation and reclamation of farm ponds , Value addition of agro produces and support for right market access for better pricing etc. Donate

Bio Diversity Conservation:

Nalantha in the decade of Bio-Diversity 2020, works on promoting green covers in rural areas; including community tree plantation programs focusing on organically grown sacred and indigenous plants of fruit bearing & nutrition values, medicinal values, timber and non timber values & ecological values. Nalantha promotes social forestry through Children, Youths, Women and general public along with likeminded organizations and Institution. Donate

Climate Change:

Nalantha works on Climate Change, through mitigation and adaptation programs on Water, Renewable Energy, and Agriculture and through Information and Communication Systems. Practical, Innovative and Cost effective systems are concentrated for mitigating climate change. Donate

Clean India Campaign:

Nalantha proudly, since 2015 has joined the Clean India Campaign, as initiated by Central Government of India. Through its campaigns aimed locally with people’s participation, Nalantha looks forward in creating a Plastic Pollution free, Eradicated Open Air Defecation and Zero Waste rural hamlets in Dindigul. Nalantha welcomes Student, Women SHGs, PRI members, Business and Corporate, Educational Institutions, Like minded NGOs and other social development personals to support and join hand in the Clean India Program. Donate